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Alex Thomas



Objective:             As a long-time manager intimately familiar with the process of game development, I am interested in working for companies that succeed at producing top quality, successful games and have excellent work environments.



October 2009-          BioWare, Austin, Texas

Present                      Senior Designer/Cinematics

·        Responsible for creating and directing cinematics in “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.
·        Manage a team of in-house designers.
·        Primary art, lighting and VFX designer for all in-game cinematics.
·        Provided formal quality and efficiency training for the cinematic design team.


October 2007-          BioWare, Austin, Texas

2009                         Senior Environment Artist/Planet Lead

·        Responsible for creating and directing the look and feel of several planets in “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.
·        Managed a large number of in-house and contract artists.
·        Responsible for extensive on-site training of a 30-person Chinese outsourcing team.
·        Primary texture artist for the environment team.


April 2007-               Freelance work, Austin, Texas

ongoing                     Artist/Writer

·        Produced several screenplays requested by creative executives at Cartoon Network and Dreamworks.
·        Provided models and textures for a nationally broadcast GameStop commercial.


March 2006-             Kingsisle Entertainment, Austin, Texas

April 2007                 Environment Artist

·        Created models, textures and concepts for a TBA casual MMO.
·        Lead a small team responsible for design and creation of 3D minigames.
·        Art-centric credited game designer.

December 2003-       Wolfpack Studios/Ubisoft, Austin, Texas

March 2006              Lead Artist

·        Created models, textures and concepts for “Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion” (second expansion).
·        Managed a production team of in-house artists and external contractors during production on “Throne of Oblivion”.
·        Shipped “Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion” for the PC.

March 2003-             Wolfpack Studios/Ubisoft, Austin, Texas

December 2003        Senior Artist

·        Created models, textures and concepts for “Marvel Online Super Heroes” demo, created for Vivendi Universal.
·        Managed several external contractors for the production of the “Marvel Online Super Heroes” demo.
·        Created key art for “Ironclad Battalion” game pitch
·        Created models, textures and concepts for “Shadowbane: Rise of Chaos” (first expansion).
·        Shipped “Shadowbane: Rise of Chaos” for the PC.

March 2001-             Wolfpack Studios, Austin, Texas

March 2003              Associate Artist

·        Created production assets for characters, creatures and environments, from concepting to modeling and texturing.
·        Hired and managed employees for Shadowbane’s “Event Team” responsible for running designer-driven events during Shadowbane’s beta and post-release phases.
·        Shipped “Shadowbane” for the PC, with additional designer and world builder credit due to extensive contributions to both departments.

·        3DStudio Max
·        Photoshop
·        Macromedia Flash
·        HeroBlade engine
·        Gamebryo engine
·        Bigworld engine

                                 University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
                                 Traditional (2D) Animation major